At The Cereal Club we like to keep things simple.

ˈ simp(ә)l/

1. easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.
2. "a simple solution" A simple product (breakfast cereals).


A simple product (breakfast cereals). Made with simple ingredients (no chemicals). Using a simple system (naturally changing menu) and a simple membership (no contract subscription).

Simplicity at its best.

All of mixes are produced in our family run factory in North Yorkshire. 

Every mix is made in small batches by hand and taste tested by our friends and family to ensure the best quality and taste. A personal touch to the commercial world.

The benefits of breakfast...

There are countless benefits by starting your day with a well balanced, nutritional breakfast. Below we have listed just a few benefits of breakfast, all proven!

1. Energy boost to start the day
2. Increases focus
3. Boosts your metabolism
4. Helps you lose weight
5. Lowers your cholesterol
6. Prevents overeating
7. Helps portion your meals correctly
8. Helps reduce crankiness

You’d be crazy to ignore the most important meal of the day!

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